Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It’s done!!!

Isaac’s quilt is now complete & drying…..


This is the full shot…thanks to all the suggestions etc on what to quilt in the large white area.

In the end I decided to keep it simple and I used the amazing new feature on my Intelliquilter and created a tractor tyre tread that I could put on the path feature so it would curve/turn around the corners nicely. I also used the IQ to do the wheat motifs and then the no sew zone feature over the wheat to then stitch the tyre treads. Worked PERFECTLY!!!

Here is a closer shot

260609 184

260609 185

These are of the quilt BEFORE I coloured…I really think it needed the colour to make it stand out.

260609 179 260609 180

On another topic!! It was my eldest baby’s 16th birthday a couple of weeks ago. She is a Rubik’s cube nut & can do most of them in record time….this is the cake that her 10 yr old sister created! Not bad eh?

260609 162

Until next time….happy quilting!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

back again in one day…need help!

Ok so I’m not sure even how many are even reading my blog these days as I’m so slack at posting.

But I do need some suggestions on what to quilt on this little quilt 60” x 60”? This has been made for my newest nephew that is actually turning one in June this year! It was supposed to be done earlier, but you know how it goes??

8th march 09 033

Now ignore the double wedding ring in the background please. The squares are all 2” & I think I’ll do CC’s in them. But what about the large circle type white area?

thanks for any suggestions…


A new year & finally I’m back again

Yes it has been awhile here on my blog. I just can’t seem to get here on a regular basis between all the other things I do online???

Anyway I thought I’d share some photos of some quilts that I’ve been busy with. The first one is a customer quilt & I have two of these to do. Only one is just finished. It is called Tilly & Friends and the pattern is from my sister, Helen Stubbing’s book, Pajama Party

There are lots of different types of quilting on here using 3 colours of threads. I mainly used Rasant cotton wrapped poly for the pink & white BUT then I found a gorgeous lime green isocord that has a bit of shine to use as well. This thread is fantastic & lots of colours in the range as well.

19th march 09 008 19th march 09 001 19th march 09 003 19th march 09 005 19th march 09 006 19th march 09 007

I finished this amazing double wedding ring quilt in January for a customer who has made this for a wedding gift. It was lovely that there was a long deadline so no pressure!! She is a very organised customer – isn’t it nice to have these!!  This was done with my Intelliquilter using feather motifs from Kimmy Brunner and a simple loopy pattern that came with the IQ in the corner squares. The rings were quilted freehand – it is so nice to be able to swap easily between IQ & freehand on my A1 that this went really quickly. I used white Rasant thread on all the white fabric and bottom line in the bobbin. The rings were quilted using ‘Mother of the Bride’ lilac Masterpiece thread.

8th march 09 017 8th march 09 019

I have also been busy quilting our Guild’s raffle quilts. They have made 2 single bed quilts for this year’s Cornish Festival with all funds going to a local nursing home again. The first one was done last year in October, so that they could get it finished & start selling raffle tickets for it. The second one only got done last week! The festival & exhibition is in May this year, so I just made it vbg… They are quilted similarly, but not exactly the same as the applique blocks are all different between the quilts. Each applique block was done by a different member. The motifs are done with my Intelliquilter and the rest is freehand. The swags are done with my 5” swag ruler You can visit this page to even see a video on how to use this ruler!

8th march 09 031 8th march 09 026 8th march 09 027 8th march 09 028 8th march 09 029 8th march 09 030

That’s all for now…will try to post more again soon!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Toot toot!!

Yesterday I spent the day down in Adelaide (our capital city for South Australia) where the SA Quilter's Guild were holding their annual Quilt show in conjunction with the Quilt & Craft Fair.

I was thrilled to discover that my customer's quilt that we entered had received the special award of Excellence in Machine Quilting this year......

Here it is with me next to it. The lighting isn't wonderful sadly...You can see close up photos on a previous post on this blog when I'd just finished quilting it!

Excellence in Machine Quilting award

Two days before this happened I was also honoured to be asked to MODEL for a local Melbourne Cup luncheon on behalf of the Make A Wish Foundation....just for a bit of fun & entertainment to the 140 people who were attending to watch the BIG RACE...

The tradition is to get really dressed up and wear amazing are some photos of those that dressed up...

2008 Adelaide Quilt Show 001

2008 Adelaide Quilt Show 002

2008 Adelaide Quilt Show 003

2008 Adelaide Quilt Show 004

They had lots of fun and we models enjoyed showing off some lovely fashions from a local shop...I believe quite a bit of $$ was also raised for the Make a Wish Foundation as well.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Spring is definitely here!

The weather is finally warming up....30deg C today. I can finally wear 3/4 pants and t-shirts again. I have been soooo cold this winter that I have really struggled with my weight loss as all I want to do is have hot drinks & something sweet with it! Now I'm back to drinking more water & nibbling on beautiful sweet oranges off our trees. I'm up to 32kg lost now (about 70.4lbs) so had better keep going. I have now joined the gym & trying to do more this way to keep me going!

Oranges from our tree

This is the view from my studio today! Check out that is looking good so far, so fingers crossed we get some finishing rains when we need them & a better year this year! My DH & family don't like to get rid of stuff, so you can 'see' the museum pieces that are getting lined up along our machinery drive LOL

Wheat crop at Agery

I have been getting quite a bit of quilting done whilst home this month finally. Here are some more pictures! This first one belongs to my sister, Helen Stubbings of and is a project for an upcoming gathering weekend at The Patchwork Apple in the Adelaide Hills. Quilted simply to show off the fabric range and Helen's colourque' and applique' techniques.

September quilts 08 011  September quilts 08 013 September quilts 08 017 September quilts 08 018

Next is a lovely redwork quilt finally finished by a customer. It is really sweet! She says she still has enough red fabrics to make another 2 of these!

September quilts 08 019 September quilts 08 020 September quilts 08 022

Finally another customer quilt that is a row by row quilt done as a kit from a shop. This quilt had some issues with friendly, waving borders due to all that piecing. To contain these I did a simply wavy line through the intersections and the rest was what I call simple custom that went reasonably quickly. I loved thinking up all the continuous curve style designs in the pieced blocks. These were inspired by Pam Clarke's Triangle Tango book which are available on my website .  Don't you just love that colourwash border though?

September quilts 08 025 September quilts 08 026 September quilts 08 027 September quilts 08 028 September quilts 08 029 September quilts 08 031 September quilts 08 032


Hope you enjoyed my latest show!


Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm on a roll!!

Yes I'm back! Here are some more photos of a quick little quilt done for a customer a couple of days ago...

This golly quilt is for a gift and the only request was to put the golly head large in each corner. Simple custom work that went quickly due to the really well pieced top!!
cheers & enjoy

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Found some more photos!

I knew I had more photos somewhere!! Here you go with another panto done on the Intelliquilter. I thought this one was soooo sweet..... Rasant thread on top, bottom line in the bobbin. Nuwool wadding....this was a kit from a shop purchased by my customer in 2004! Finished is GOOD....VBG Panto is 'Whoops a Daisy' by Karen Thompson of

Lastly here is a photo of my kids new calves that they are raising to sell & to eat! My son thinks he is going to make lots of $$ to enable him to purchase a new motorbike....will see about that! He is just 13 and LOVES his fathers old Yamaha DT175 ag bike, but has to 'fix' it everytime he wants to go for a ride (which is most nights after school and weekends, so well used LOL!)